Moooi – Memento Moooi

  • YEAR: 2022
Things of the past don’t need to be forgotten. To prove that, Ada Sokół joined an incredible team at Moooi to help them bring the life to creatures created by them as a part of the Memento Moooi collection. Even though entirely fantastical, this whimsical bestiary tells a heart-capturing story of those creatures. Animations created during the past several months will be showcased during this year’s Salone del Mobile in Milan.

𓆤 Mimic Moth was the “Chameleon of the Lepidoptera family”. It loved to flutter day and night, unlike their nocturnal brothers and sisters. It was known for its ever-changing appearance by mimicking the flower it was resting on and always waggling around in high numbers. Mimic Moths were social creatures that lived in sizable colonies and took care of each other 𓆤

𓆙 Queen Cobras were majestic-looking snakes with long coiling hairs resembling dried grass. Humans and Queen Cobras co-existed in peace. The snakes would calmly slither through their villages, not harming anyone, and appeared curious about everything. The Queen Cobras loved to climb up the tallest person they could find and settle on their head, using them as watchtowers. They preferred slumbering at the banks of the Nile. The tall grasses resembling their hair camouflaged them. 𓆚

𓃬 Despite their imposing form, the Golden Tigers were rumored to be kind and friendly creatures. Their big and round eyes shimmered like molten gold, quickly making others realize their good intentions. They enjoyed the diet of leaves and flowers, an unlikely trait for an animal from a carnivorous family. In the rare moments of rest from constant travels, Golden Tigers enjoyed lounging in the sun. 𓃬