Peri Cloud – Snap Inc.

  • ART DIRECTION: Ada Sokol
  • AR DEVELOPMENT: Ada Sokol & Snap Inc.
  • ART DIRECTION: Snap Inc./Spectacles
In times of uncertainty, we could find solace in a stroll through a peaceful, dreamy alternate world that would deliver peace to our minds.

Above & beyond everything. 

"Peri" is a prefix delivered from Greek, meaning "above, about & surrounding".

The shade of the clouds depends primarily on the incident light. Haze between the spectator & the cloud may modify perceived colors. These marvelous tones are also influenced by unique luminous phenomena called photometeors.

This augmented reality piece has been developed with Snap Inc. as a lens, available for Spectacles 3 - unique, wearable camera sunglasses which capture daily life from the wearer's perspective.