Gokotta W+K & Dazed China

  • YEAR: 2019&2020
  • ART DIRECTION: Ada Sokol
  • 3D VISUALS: Ada Sokol
  • EXHIBITIONS: "Lost & Not found" at Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam 2019
  • PUBLICATIONS: Dazed China
We will never have the opportunity to meet. “Bonding” is the first piece in Ada Sokol’s “Gokotta” series. “Gokotta” is a Swedish word that conceptualizes the joy of nature in the stillness of dawn.

This work was featured in The Wieden + Kennedy Show in Amsterdam on October 24, 2019, with prints being sold for charity until January 2020. All proceeds went to the Saves Challenge, a project run by the Rainforest Trust.

In “Gokotta: Bonding”, Ada Sokol explores the unity of past and modern fauna - the extinct creature finds itself entangled with a modern-day ring. The Golden Toad was last seen by human eyes in 1989 and is arguably among the most recognizable extinct amphibians. Sadly and ironically, the creature bears the ring due to its forced nuptial with extinction. The Golden Toad shines while posed among jewelry inspired by the world-renowned American silversmith Allan Adler. The second piece in the “Gokkota” series has been developed for Dazed China, featuring the AMBUSH x BVLGARI bag. Roughly one year after releasing the first part of the project “Gokotta: Bonding”, the series received its extension in collaboration with Dazed China, revolving around the theme of “The Unexpected Nature”.

Staying true to its roots that stem from the Swedish concept of praising nature's rare beauty during the early morning hours, “Gokkota: 2°” attempts to capture the stillness of peaceful moments that precede the gradual break of day. The thick, foggy clouds in the background begin to gradually give in to the rays of sunshine among the golden glory of the dawn, as the bag, nestled safely between the intertwining flowers, begins to emerge as the main focus of the shot slowly.

Zygopetalum orchids introduce an exciting twist to the overall image with their uncommon, almost alien-like beauty emphasized by a wild mix of vibrant shades & shapes - daringly different and unexpected flowers universally considered a symbol of classic & sensual beauty. The strong greens & purples impose a contrast of positive, raw energy of untamed nature against the cool smoothness of the dark leather. The peculiar greenery, gentle warm lights & magic of secluded humid forest form a fleeting atmosphere we instantly crave to experience.