Mercedes-Maybach x Ada Sokół

  • YEAR: 2024
  • ART DIRECTION: Ada Sokół
  • 3D GENERALISTS: Ada Sokół and Zuzanna Oniszczuk
  • 3D MODELS AND RIGS: Neža Knez
  • 3D GEONODES: Zuzanna Oniszczuk
  • SOUND: Ana Roman
  • PRODUCTION: Monika Wątroba
We are happy to announce the release of the new Mercedes-Maybach MANUFAKTUR x Ada Sokół campaign. The key player in the luxury car industry approached Polish designer and artist with a proposal to create a set of unique animations showcasing their iconic products: Mercedes-Maybach S-Class, Mercedes-Maybach GLS and Mercedes-Maybach EQS SUV. Mercedes-Maybach MANUFAKTUR, recognized for innovation and craftsmanship, teamed up with Ada Sokół, a creative mind renowned for her beautiful brand campaigns and imaginative designs. The project's concept revolves around cars, symbolizing the company's past, present, and future. The audio experience enriching this journey has been crafted by Ana Roman, a skilled sound designer and composer from Romania, honored with the BAFTA New Talent award for Sound Design in 2013.

Act I

Movement is your origin. The core of your existence. Take a flight and transcend.

Some believe that dreaming of salt lakes symbolizes superior knowledge, indicating psychological and emotional balance. It encompasses two classical elements, Earth and Water, representing feminine energy and creating a soothing and nourishing combination. The mesmerizing beauty of these lakes has been an inspiration for this project. To capture the mystery radiating from these majestic bodies of water, Ada Sokół has crafted her own rendition of an otherworldly dreamscape. The designer has even crafted the most unique fauna inhabiting her fantastical realm. Butterflies bearing the Mercedes-Maybach logo discreetly adorn the pattern of their wings, resembling fairy-tale guardians of this sacred space. Butterflies, emblematic of transformation and hope, have inspired humanity for centuries with their delicate nature and the immense power they possess. In the animation, they gracefully gather around the car, nestling on its surface. Their unique wings flutter with every move, and we witness them gracefully taking flight as the car sets off into the distance.

Act II

Possibilities multiply from within. Sculpted by the ages. Everything becomes crystal clear. Animate, branch out, and bloom.

A hidden treasure often lurks in the most improbable realms. Within the expansive and seemingly desolate expanse of the second part of this saga, a crystal formation takes shape, bearing the Mercedes-Maybach logo. The entire world undergoes a profound transformation, awakening to life and then reshaping itself into an eternal existence. In this scene, the artist chose purple hues to mirror its symbolic depth. Throughout history, purple gemstones have been associated with good fortune and mental stimulation, acting as tokens to help owners confront adversities with a calm mind and heart. The sakura tree introduced in this scene holds a contradictory significance within culture. Symbolizing both life and death, beauty and violence, it encapsulates the duality inherent in its cultural interpretation. The transformative process of its blossoms serves as a metaphor, enabling this meaning to transcend and counterbalance the fleeting nature of life.