• YEAR: 2023
  • PRODUCTION: Ada Sokół Art Lab
Stop gatekeeping all treasures to yourself.

This piece is a reflection of the modern world, where self-interest overshadows the importance of sharing our moral wealth. Ensure that our actual value flourishes not only within us but among others.

The series of nine coins guarded by Dumbo embodies a palette of values. It can be given to someone and represent a thought or symbol expressing what one stands for, what matters, and what we can give to others, whether we know them or not. The coins, tangible tokens of the mutual exchange of goods, redefine their original role in Ada's version, diverging from capitalist materialism.

TIME - Time, in a slightly different interpretation than the classic one, is one of the pillars of building valuable relationships. Time in the form of a clock provides specific insight into where (and when) we are, allowing for the constant organization of everyday life. No other value shapes character as it does. Through time, we learn patience, stretch and analyze long-term cognitive processes, get to know ourselves and others, mature, and develop. Time shows readiness for action, stability, and planning.

PROTECTION - The helmet, as one of the knightly attributes, symbolizes protection against potential external strikes, defending against harm. Protecting what we hold dear and love is also linked to empathy, support, and shared feelings.

LOVE & CARE - Love and care open the heart to new emotions, experiences, and people. Giving someone your love and care signifies courage, acceptance, and trust in the name of shared values.

SENSE OF HUMOR - The jester's cap adorned with bells shows that relationships are not just about seriousness and mental support. It's also about shared laughter (even if it sometimes means laughter through tears), situational jokes, inside jokes, and caring about each other's well-being.

TALENT - Talent, a unique skill defined by you and your development, is something you can offer and share a piece of yourself. Giving someone a part of your talent shows that you care about them, as you share something so personal into which you invest your time and heart.

WISDOM & ADVICE - Exchanging wisdom and advice is the foundation of relationships, and the owl symbolizes timeless prudence. When someone seeks your help, you decide whether you want to honestly share your wisdom and advice to face challenging situations together. It's not just about giving but also receiving, constant development, and considering factors beyond first impressions and intuition.

ATTENTION - The attention we give is a sign that we care about something. Giving someone your attention expresses a willingness to share joys and support in difficult moments. Attention adds certainty in moments of doubt and uplifts the spirit.

LISTENING - Listening without judgment is a form of care we can provide to others. Even if the situation is challenging, people only sometimes expect answers from us. Sometimes, a shoulder to cry on and an ear ready to listen to dreams and ideas without judgment is enough; staying with them and providing support.