Melancholia – Malleable II

  • ART DIRECTION: Ada Sokol &
  • 3D ART: Ada Sokol
  • JEWELRY DESIGN: & Ada Sokol
  • COMMISION BY: Ada Sokol
Continuation of the personal project "Malleable" brought life to an entire jewelry collection created in collaboration with - niche jewelry brand known for its finest metallurgic quality. Melancholia reinterprets traditional jewelry forms by giving each piece a symbolic, almost magical meaning.

The 3d visuals depict the fascinating life cycle of insects. Like humans, they change with time, adopting many shapes before reaching their final and most beautiful form.

The entire collection takes inspiration from the organic shapes of my logo. Precious Keshi pearls and sterling silver are smoothly complementing each other in various sleek forms. Choice of these particular materials was not random - silver's malleability is high, making it capable of obtaining many shapes. At the same time, gentle irregularities of Keshi pearls are a real-life quintessence of the "Malleable" term.