• YEAR: 2023
  • PRODUCTION: Ada Sokół Art Lab
Adaglossum - letters in full bloom Introducing the first project released by the Ada Sokół Art Lab team. The Adaglossum project started in 2021 with the creation of a custom typeface designed by Ada Sokół and Arthur Teboul. Strongly inspired by the Art Nouveau ornamental style and organic shapes mimicking nature, the capitals resemble decorative letters from old fairy tale books. Paired with simple and easy-to-read lowercase letters, they create a beautiful set. This collaboration sparked the idea of translating the typeface into a 3d visual. Carrying on the floral inspiration, we created a peak in the curious botanist’s laboratory. The tools shown in the animations are designed to incorporate letters from the font playfully. The flowers growing in the scene are significant, as the whole typeface was named after the rare hybrid orchid - Adaglossum. The beautiful sound created by KLOAQ for this animation elevates the mysterious mood by clashing with the delicate and light visuals.