Nike AirMax DIA 2k19 Campain

  • YEAR: 2019
  • ART DIRECTION: Clarie King & Ada Sokol
  • 3D VISUALS: Ada Sokol
  • CLIENT: Nike Sportwear
Delicacy and strength are one and the same in Ada Sokol’s work for the NIKE 2K19 AirMax DIA global campaign.

The modern woman is multi-dimensional, self-aware,and in control - an image painted by the work merges traditionally feminine pinkish-hues with a golden robot motif playfully yet daintily pressing a bubble, but never enough for it to burst. Splatters galore surround the NIKE 2K19 AirMax DIA, but the shoe remains unscathed, poised, and ready to move forward - much like the modern woman.

Overall, the work for Nike includes still images and animations.