Ada Sokół

Ada Sokół – a 3D artist & designer.

The works of Ada Sokół allow the viewers to glance into the world of extraordinary imagination and offer a glimpse into her perspective of the beauty surrounding us.

Subtlety, femininity, magic – those keywords are the most accurate way to describe her aesthetic. The visuals she designs are an ultra-sensory experience based on oniric scenery resembling visions of the far future. The main inspirations for her renders are creatures and phenomena from the surrounding environment – water bears, sea dragons, orchids, or fungi.

As an independent entity, Ada Sokół quickly made her way to embody a solid self-made 3D brand. During her years in Paris and London, the unique style of her works developed during collaborations with Nike, Apple, Louis Vuitton, Valentino, Rimowa, or Gentle Monster on global campaigns, videos, and multimedia installations. Recently, she made an appearance at multiple exhibitions (Miami Art Basel, Dubai Expo) and debuted as an academic lecturer at swiss ECAL.

Overall her works have been exhibited worldwide, from Beijing, New York, Los Angeles to London or Paris.

Ada Sokół Art Lab

The (Ada Sokół) Art Lab is a studio created in the Fall of 2022 by a polish 3d artist and designer – Ada Sokół. For several years she was building her experience and unique style of hyper-realistic, ethereal visuals that are easily recognizable and sought after by both commercial clients and art events. By highlighting opposite ends of the spectrum and exploring her fascination with nature and technology, she developed a distinctive style and sensibility that makes her stand out among other creators.

Creating the Art Lab was a budding idea for years. And finally, we took a leap of faith in making this dream come true. A dream of not only gathering a team of like-minded, art-focused individuals striving to develop breathtaking visuals but also of starting environmentally conscious practice. As much as the current society lets us, we wish to change the beaten trail and alter the process of how digital art is created.

For those who wish to become a part of our team and feel like they share our values – get in touch with us at