• YEAR: 2020
  • ALL CREDITS TO: Ada Sokół
  • EXHIBITONS/AWARD: Helsinki Design Week 2020
When night falls, those nocturnal creatures emerge driven toward light for an unknown reason. Moths are associated with faith & determination. They are adamantly & conscientiously following lunar or artificial light, even at the risk of jeopardizing their lives.

On the other hand, the moth is also a symbol of vulnerability & fragility, both in body & mind. While showing us the importance of vigilance & determination, the habits of those nocturnal insects also morally caution us against the self-destructive tendencies of blind faith. The computer parts that Luna stands on create a balance between technical & natural realms and a link to the tools utilized to bring her to digital life. Luna is also the female name derived straight from the Latin word for "moon". In ancient Roman mythology, it's a goddess, the divine embodiment of the Moon (with her Greek counterpart being Selene). The very deity is considered a protector of those creatures desperately longing for the moonlight.

Luna(r) project was exhibited at several international festivals such as the Porsche SCOPES festival, Dubai EXPO, and Miami Art Basel.