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饟個 饟啠 饟唭

In ancient Egyptian society, the scarab was considered a symbol of immortality, resurrection, transformation & protection.

This unique beetle was particularly precious to the Egyptians as an amulet, seal & jewelry piece for its association with the gods. Even nowadays, archaeology & artifact excavation fields strongly focus on its symbolism. Rooted in the past, yet still timeless & modern - the scarab retains its valuable beauty throughout centuries.

This exquisitely designed scarab is created out of a contrasting mixture of shiny metallic surfaces, violet & black precious stones. Peeking shyly from its buried spot among the colorful desert environment, it holds a silent promise of fortune to whoever finds it by sheer luck or twist of fate.聽

The mysterious, bejeweled amulet is a visual which aims at evoking a feeling of serendipitous opportunity associated with the discovery of something eternal, rare & unique.

  • Art Direction Ada Sokol
  • 3D artwork Ada Sokol