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Malleable Identity

“An artist is more than a conveyor of symbols, ideals, and emotions. The art world swallows mortals lacking resilience, and confidence. To rise, an artist must trust their craft and be malleable.”

My website had been masterfully crafted, but there was something just as pressing that I needed: a rebrand. Never in my career had it felt more appropriate to find an anchor for my brand that represents my artistic values: organic fluidity, sensuality, resilience. 

Having worked with Panama Papers for an exhibition early in 2019, I knew they were the right craftsmen to walk hand in hand with me for the re-branding journey. They combined my vision with their innovativeness and expertise to form the “Malleable Identity.”

Art world, as we also know too well, is about more than just combining concepts to convey emotions and ideals. Artists must be persistent to reach utmost success. This notion guided an important component of my brand - my business cards. L’imprimerie du marais, among the top printers in Paris, joined our team to unleash the visuals on something tangible. From glitter galore, a frenzy of foil, to iridescent ink, we played with various possibilities but it was the flexible and pearly paper that captured my vision and mission.   

The tagline “Ada(mant) is Busy(ness)” lies across one side of my business card. It represents definite realities - relentless determination, stable practice and hard work devoted to them.

  • Year 2019
  • Art-direction Ada Sokol & Panama Papers
  • 3D visuals& models Ada Sokol
  • Graphic Design Panama Papers
  • Photography Ada Sokol & Panama Papers
  • Printing Imprimerie du Marais
  • Commission by  Ada Sokol