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The moth is a mainly nocturnal creature, 
often driven toward light for an unknown reason.


Luna is the female name derived straight from the Latin word for "moon". Luna was originally the goddess (& her Greek counterpart was Selene).


The main meanings of the moth are faith & determination. They are adamantly & conscientiously following lunar or artificial light, even at the risk of jeopardising their lives.

On the other hand, the moth is also a symbol of vulnerability & fragility, both in body & mind. While they show us the importance of vigilance & determination, their existence also morally cautions us against the self-destructive tendencies of blind faith.

The computer parts that Luna stands on, creates a balance between technical & natural realms, as well as a link to the tools that have been used to bring her to digital life.

Photo: Helsinki Design Week/Aleksi Poutanen

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  • Year 2020
  • All credits to Ada Sokol
  • Exhibitions/Awards Helsinki Design Week 2020