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Peeking and leaping its way to your psyche through the screen only - never again in the flesh. The Golden Toad has recently been extinct and is among the 500+ species that we will never have the opportunity to meet.


“Bonding” is the first piece in Ada Sokol’s “Gokotta” series. "Gokotta" is a Swedish word conceptualizes the joy of nature in the stillness of dawn.


This work has been featured in The Wieden + Kennedy Show in Amsterdam on October 24, 2019 with prints being sold for charity until January 2020. All proceeds will go to the Saves Challenge, a project run by the Rainforest Trust. 


In “Gokotta: Bonding”, Ada Sokol explores the unity of past and modern fauna - the extinct creature finds itself entangled with a modern-day ring. The Golden Toad was last seen by human eyes in 1989 and is arguably the among the most recognizable extinct amphibians. Sadly and ironically, the creature actually bears the ring due to its forced nuptial with extinction. 

The Golden Toad shines while posed among jewellery inspired by the world-renowned American silversmith, Allan Adler.

  • Year 2019
  • Art-direction Ada Sokol
  • 3D visuals& models Ada Sokol
  • Exhibitions "Lost & Not found" at Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam, 2019