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Rimowa – Axolotls

Wander, regenerate, become anew.

Critically endangered amphibians have been brought to the forefront in one animation. Axolotls are almost extinct species in natural habitat (trivia: they are more common as pets in Asia), but still not widely known around the world. By using them as a principal character in an advertorial for a highly-known brand, more people might become curious about axolotls. 

Embarking on new travels allows one to gain insights and regenerate their perspective, much like how axolotls regenerate upon needing to heal. Ada Sokol’s passion for nature, travel, and luxury fashion have joined forces to bring the Rimowa Axolotls campaign to life.

  • Year 2018
  • Art-direction Yannis Henrion & Ada Sokol
  • 3D models& visuals Ada Sokol
  • Client Rimowa